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Rayo, Miller, New, Juno, Rochester, and B&H #2 lamp wick

Miles Stair

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#2L - Rayo 1 1/2" diameter wick (2 1/2'' flat, 8" long, 0.082'' thick). Fits Miller, Juno, New Juno; Rochester, & other center draft lamps with an inside wick sleeve. B&H, Gaskell, Factory, Parker, Gladstone, Pittsburgh, Bristol, Aurora, New Aurora No 2, Ansonia, Hipwell, "Master Lamp,'' Meyrose, Connecticut, Day Light, Keystone, Wheeling, Haida, Princeton, Victor, Wellington, U. S. Trenton, Yale, M&W 97, New Rochester, Rival, Hugo Schneider, The American Eureka Lamp Co., Rayo 22 and many "GWTW" lamps. 14" Star locomotive headlamp. NOT FOR Miller Vestal #2 (too thick) or the Master Lamp.