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Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
Heater ignites but goes out after a short time. 1. Lack of fuel.
2. Water in fuel reservoir.
1. Add fuel to tank, wait 1/2 hour to light heater.
2. Completely empty fuel tank, replace wick
Smoke and soot are produced with a high flame 1. Wick too high.
2. The bottom of the burner assembly is not seated correctly.
1. Adjust wick down (unpinned wick).
2. Move burner unit right and left. If that doesn’t work, remove the burner assembly and look for a resin buildup.
 Wick cannot be lowered, heater can’t be extinguished. 1. Wick too high.
2. Buildup of tar deposits on top of  wick.
1. Lower wick (unpinned).
2. Blow out flame or smother with a wet blanket. When cool, remove burner unit, crunch wick with pliers, and burn wick "dry."
 Strong odor. 1. Heater in unventilated room.
2. The bottom of the burner unit is not seated correctly.
3. Wick too high or too low.
1. Open windows a bit for cross ventilation.
2. Move burner right and left to seat properly.
3. Adjust wick for proper height (unpinned wick); if wick has ragged top, replace.
 Difficult to raise and lower wick.  1. Tip of wick has buildup of tar deposits. 1. Burn wick "dry" to remove tar/resin deposits.
 Heater slow to warm up.  1. Wick needs cleaning. 1. Burn wick "dry." Wick may need replacing.
  Can’t ignite or hard to ignite.  1. Igniter defective.
 2. Batteries run down.
 3. Wick needs cleaning.
1. Replace igniter.
2. Replace batteries.
3. Burn wick "dry."